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    Buy it. Sell it. Swap it!

    Swapit is the hyper-local marketplace that connects nearby buyers and sellers of pre-loved or new items in real-time.


    It's free. Join our 250,000+ Swapit community today.

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  • Swapit 1-Minute Intro

  • What is Swapit?

    Swapit turns the marketplace for trading pre-loved items upside down by pro-actively reaching out to potential buyers who are nearby. It's real-time, engaging and just more fun.


    With built-in instant messaging, maps & navigation, and the most beautiful user interface, Swapit provides a superior and seamless user experience. Swapit’s award winning trading platform could be described as a cross-bred service of eBay, Foursquare, Pintrest, and the traditional concept of flea markets.


    Swapit initially launched in Hong Kong for individual consumers, but has since been extended to 148 currencies. Swapit works best in densely populated places across the globe.

  • Swapit Features

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    Easy to Use

    Swapit allows you to easily take a photo (think built-in camera, photo gallery, etc), enter a title, description and price and publish the item. It takes less than 30 seconds to list an item you want to sell. Potential buyers nearby to be notified instantaneously. Combined with location-reference and immediate communication facilities, sales can be closed quickly and with ease.

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    Swapit provides notifications in a very immediate manner utilizing PUSH notifications to instantaneously alert users of new items and updates. That allows us to nourish a first-come-first-served culture for fast buying and selling of items with a very immediate approach.

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    As a seller it is great to let potential buyers know where you're located. So in the best case scenario, you can sell an item to your neighbor. While that's rather unlikely, a location reference on each sale allows buyers to gauge whether that's a convenient location for them to pick up the item or there is a place nearby to meet and complete the sale. This prevents a lot of unnecessary communication that would be required if the buyer did not know the location of the item that's on sale.

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    Swapit provides a comment system in the same way social networks do. Combined with our immediate PUSH notifications, the expected time-to-sale is optimized to a minimum.

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    Swapit allows direct person-to-person messaging that utilizes industry-leading PUSH notifications, so you’ll never miss a message to complete a sale.

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    Invite your friends by giving them a Swapit Premium Day for free and you'll receive one too for every friend who joins.

  • Team

    We have built and operate Swapit and Goody

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    Patrick is responsible for the numbers to add up at Swapit. Whether it's about customer acquisition, revenue generation, advertising ROI or development costs. Patrick has over 10 years experience in mobile, media & business. He left Germany after his degree in Computer Science to live in China for some years before moving to Hong Kong in 2007. Patrick co-founded S4BB Limited, Sky Drone, Skylab Mobilesystems Limited, TreeCrunch Limited and Slate Takes Limited and is member of all their boards of directors.


    Patrick on LinkedIn

    Patrick on AngelList

    Patrick's Website

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    Jonas is all about the Swapit bytes. He has over 6 years of experience in creating mobile applications and services. Jonas holds a MSc in Computer Science from LMU Munich and New Media from NUS Singapore.


    Jonas has been with S4BB Limited since 2013 and masters all mobile platforms with the excellence of German engineering.


    Jonas on LinkedIn

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    Stephanie loves UI and UX design and has taken charge of everything design-related at Swapit. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science from De La Salle University Manila and has previously worked at Hewlett-Packard.


    Stephanie has joined the Swapit team in July 2016 to drive our design and user experience to new highs.


    Stephanie on LinkedIn

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    Boris advises Swapit on strategic decisions. He is also the co-founder of S4BB Limited, Sky Drone, Skylab Mobilesystems Limited and TreeCrunch Limited. Boris holds a German degree in Computer Science with specialization in Distributed Computing. Besides advising on Swapit, he also mainly runs Sky Drone today.


    Boris on LinkedIn

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    Vito takes care of Swapit's iOS app development and makes sure our iPhone and iPad users are happy with Swapit. Vito has several years experience in developing mobile applications, predominantly in the iOS field. He received his programming education from IVE Hong Kong in 2014. Before joining the Swapit team in 2016, Vito has been working on iOS apps in the smart home and IoT field.

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    William takes care of customer relations at Swapit. Before coming to Hong Kong and joining S4BB Limited in 2010, William worked in the United Kingdom at O2 / Telefonica in various positions, as well as in New Zealand and Scotland in similar positions.


    William holds a Masters in Information Management Systems.

  • Contact Us

    If you're interested to know more or simply wish to get in touch with us, please drop us an email at info@swapit.la

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  • Swapit Stats

    Growing Every Day

    HK$1.5 Billion

    GMV posted in 2016

    HK$1.1 Billion

    GMV sold in 2016


    Registered Traders Today




    Jewellery & Watches


    Consumer Electronics

    91% Growth

    Time Spent In The App


    18-34 Year Olds


    Gender Equality

  • Swapit is Social

    Check out our latest updates!

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    Pre-ICO Sale

    On January 1st, 2020 we will launch our official Swapit ICO. A real business needs a real coin to embrace the digital future.


    Today you can join the pre-ICO sale at 30% discount.

  • How To Join Pre-ICO Sale


    Send Ether, Bitcoin, USD

    Simply send Ether or Bitcoin to the pre-sale addresses or pay via USD. Minimum 0.1 Ether or 0.05 BTC.


    Get Ready for ICO

    Until the launch of our ICO, your contribution will be kept in our cold wallet. Refunds are possible at all times. No questions asked.


    Receive Swapit Coin

    At the launch of our ICO all Swapit Coins SWC will be minted and transferred to your wallet.

  • Swapit Coin Explained

    Why we need it and why it will be a success.

    Powering a Community of 220,000 Traders

    Swapit is a peer-to-peer marketplace app that allows people to trade second hand and new things with each other. Since its launch in June 2016, the Swapit community has grown to over 220,000 active traders worldwide. Swapit is most popular in Hong Kong, United States, Philippines, India, Indonesia and a dozen more countries. Until today, all transactions are made in cash, in person. More about Swapit: www.swapit.la


    By introducing Swapit Coin we will be able to create smart contracts between buyers and sellers that are tokenized on the public blockchain. All transactions are being processed digitally based on the conditions set in the smart contract between the two parties.

    Swapit Coin Use

    At introduction of Swapit Coin to our marketplace, we will update our existing Swapit mobile app on Android and iOS. As a result, over 220,000 Swapit Coin wallets will be deployed to our community.


    Every time a purchase is being made on Swapit, the user can pay for that item in Swapit Coins if he or she has a Swapit Coin balance. If there is no Swapit Coin balance, the equivalent in local currency is being charged via credit card, Android Pay or Apple Pay, and is being converted immediately into Swapit Coins at the current market rate. The Swapit Coins are then be used to pay for the item to complete the transaction.

    Exchange Trading

    After the ICO concludes, Swapit Coin will be traded publicly on EtherDelta. Furthermore, Swapit Coin will be listed on Cryptopia, Bittrex, Gatecoin and HitBTC.


    Swapit Coins can also be purchased through the Swapit mobile app at the time of purchase of an item or at any time in between to simply top up the Swapit Wallet with Swapit Coins.

    Usage Projection

    In 2016 over 170,000 traders posted items worth over USD 190 million and completed transactions worth over USD 140 million.

    In 2017 over 220,000 traders posted items worth over USD 550 million and completed transactions worth over USD 200 million. To-Date.


    To effectively supply the Swapit ecosystem a total of 1,000,000,000 Swapit Coins we will be minted and sold at 1 USD = 1 SWC. 71% of Swapit Coins are outright reserved that ecosystem to power the Swapit marketplace transactions. An additional 20% of Swapit Coins are reserved for ecosystem marketing such as discounts, vouchers, signup bonuses, referrals, bounty programs and other incentives.


    The Swapit Coin Whitepaper will be published at launch of the official Swapit Coin ICO. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified at time of publication.

  • Swapit Coin in Numbers

    1,000,000,000 SWC

    Total Supply

    10,000,000 SWC

    1% Sold in Pre-ICO Sale

    250,000,000 SWC

    25% Sold in ICO

    450,000,000 SWC

    45% Retained for Post-ICO Sale

    90,000,000 SWC

    9% Founders

    200,000,000 SWC

    20% Ecosystem Marketing


    Swapit Coins sold during ICO and Pre-ICO


    Total Swapit Coins for token holders


    Swapit Coins used to grow ecosystem